Perfection Pending…

Girls, ladies, I am talking to you from my new blog, Perfection Pending. The name was inspired from an old beat up t-shirt I used to have back in the 90s. It had that cartoon character Cathy on it and she was wearing her workout gear (leg warmers included of course). She was always a little pudgy and the line on the shirt read, “Perfection Pending.” I loved that concept as I have always fought the pudge myself. With the right choices and hard work, perfection would reveal itself from inside the depths of me.

Just as our physical bodily appearance is destined to reveal the choices we have made in what we eat or don’t, how much we exercise or don’t, our lives, the path we take, the spot we find ourselves in right at this moment, is also a direct result of all the little and big choices we have made. As a Christian, I believe there is a wonderful plan for everyone’s life, a purpose. This blog, for me, is part of my purpose and I pray it will help bring you a bit closer to yours.

What is perfection? Is it an ending? Is it a process? Is it achievable as human beings? Matthew 5:48 in the Amplified Bible describes “perfect” as “growing into complete maturity of godliness, in mind and character.” That sounds like something I can do. A desire to grow, learn and mature. Now if you are not a Christian, please don’t tune me out. I think there will be much here you can relate to and gain some insight from. I plan on discussing topics from love, relationships, sex, money and more.

What are my credentials to offer anyone advice or slices of wisdom I have gained? Just plain old life. Since my blog will reveal in more detail some of my personal experiences, I’ll just offer a brief summary. I was born in Ireland and naturalized as an American, a Texan to be exact, at the age of 5. Grew up in the country, but have lived in the big city. Grew up in a codependent / alcoholic household (remember I said we came from Ireland?). Played sports and musical instruments. Performed well academically and finished college. Got married, had a daughter. Lived through the triple A lifestyle in my marriage of alcohol, abuse and adultery. Got divorced and became a single parent. Sowed my oats. Worked my way up in my job to go from poverty wages to pretty secure. Moved every three years from one coast to the other for about 15 years of my and my daughter’s lives. Went into a self-imposed celibacy and isolation during most of those years. And now am a Grandma (at an EARLY age, ok?) and striving to fulfill some of my dreams.

So, I’ve been around the block. Seen a lot of the experiences girls / women encounter in a lifetime and really have empathy for how hard life is. Though I have fought it for years, God has called me out and urged me to humbly share some of what I have learned to help others to maybe avoid some of the junk. Choice making, thinking things through, controlling runaway emotions. That is a big part of what this blog will offer in hopes that you too can strive for Perfection Pending. I hope you keep coming back.


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  1. I too had a “Perfection Pending” Cathy T shirt. I was hoping to be able to purchase another one since I had to “retire” my original one some years ago. When I googled “Perfection Pending I came across your blog. I will look forward to reading your blog but still wish I could purchase another Cathy Perfection Pending T Shirt.

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